2 best ways to set up passwords

Passwords are like toothbrushes – you need to change them often and not share them with others.

Many of my clients prefer to have passwords that are easy to remember by tying into something important in their lives – a birthday, an address, a zip code. Well those passwords just don’t cut it.

There are 2 best practices in setting up a password.

  • Auto generate: when you’re setting up a password, there is often the option to auto-generate one. Generate PasswordThe generate box looks something like the example on the left. You click on the generate button and a series of unrelated characters, letters and numbers appear. You can copy that password and paste it in the (again) box and you’re good to go.Password generate
  • Double authentication: You don’t have control over this method. Some software uses it and some don’t. If they offer this it’s a great way to really keep your password secure. How this works is the software you’re generating a password for asks you for a phone number to text or an email to contact during initial setup. Then when you attempt to login to the software later, a text or email will be sent with an authentication code. You then have to enter that code into the original software to be allowed access (thus the name double authentication). While this may not be convenient, it is a very safe way to operate. If someone gets access to your email account because of a weak password, they can send malicious content from you email account.

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