3 mistakes in website design when you DIY

Websites are tremendously important in getting customers to buy your products or services or walk into your restaurant or store. Here are 3 common mistakes that people make.

  1. Thinking you can save a buck by doing it yourself. Building a website should be left to the professionals. If you try to do it yourself, you waste countless hours learning a skill that you don’t need to know. Your time would be so much better spent working on growing your own business. If you cut corners here you will have to hire someone down the road and you’ve lost valuable time not only with a second rate website but time working on your own business.
  2. Thinking you can create a website as effective as a professional. This is just not the case. Decisions you are forced to make when creating a website are not normal to you. Professionals know what designs, trends, looks and components work for different target audiences. We do this everyday. We work to solve your customers’ problems.
  3. Thinking you can write copy for an effective website. Most of the time when a business owner writes their own copy for their website, they end up writing a list of attributes of the products or services. This will not glean trust nor help sell your products. A good website design company knows how to write to get better Google placement and to solve your customers problems.

Spend your time growing your business and let the professionals take care of your website.

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Design Interventions
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