4 things to keep updated during the current crisis

We automate a lot of our marketing services. Now is the time to go through those scheduled posts, events and accounts to make sure they reflect the current situation in the world.

  1. Social Media – If you have any business changes due to the COVID situation, make sure you update on your social media. That includes business hours, product availability, COVID protocols and expectations.
  2. Auto-responders – You do not want to appear tone-deaf to the current situation. Make sure you update your automatic confirmation or auto-responders to reflect what’s going on today. Do this as often as things change.
  3. Events – As events are rescheduled make sure you notify your attendees of any changes. Whether they be moving from in person to online, changes in times, dates, expectations. It’s a good idea to reference the original plan, date and time.
  4. Product descriptions – Are your products still available? Do you have substitute suggestions? Have shipping times been altered? These are all things that should be updated to reflect the current situation.

Your customers are looking for the same experiences they have enjoyed pre-COVID. Lead them as you would when they walk in your door or visit your online store.

If you need any help with any of these updates we’re here to help. 910 200-3367,

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