5 ideas to help reach and convert customers during phase 2

10 Jun 5 ideas to help reach and convert customers during phase 2

As we navigate through the phases of the pandemic, we’re all in different places. Some of us were/are essential so life may not have changed much during the past few months. Some of us had to pivot to a new reality – whether it be to shorter hours, curbside delivery, creation of dividers at cash registers – and some had to close completely.

Fact of the matter is we are now moving out of that phase. What can you do to make sure you’re successfully reaching the customers who are coming out for your products and what are the best ways to sell to them?

Here are 5 ideas to help reach and convert customers during phase 2:

  1. Be aware that your customers may be trepid about venturing back out into public buildings. They have been cooped up with small groups for weeks and may be dipping their toes in the shallow end before diving into the pool. To combat this, make sure your COVID protocols are posted on your website and Google Business page. This will create a comfort zone of knowledge before they come to your store.
  2. Start selling your products online. During the pandemic, we at Design Interventions created quite a few online stores, your customers got very comfortable ordering online – everything from garden supplies to lunch, they’ll continue those shopping habits.
  3. Re-structure your staff. As you’re bringing your staff back to work, you may have to restructure – instead of working a cash register they may be fulfilling online orders – but it’s an easy way to move your inventory.
  4. Make sure your marketing message is compassionate. Not only to those that have COVID-19 and their families but to those whose trust you have to re-gain. It’s time to change your tone and your focus. Your message needs to create those relationships that matter.
  5. Now’s the time to build loyalty. It’s like starting all over again in a new business. Let’s go back to the basics to build customer loyalty so that they become the raving fans for our businesses.

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