5 reasons you need testimonials on your website

22 Jun 5 reasons you need testimonials on your website

When someone is shopping on your site they are deciding many things, if they want to buy your product, if they want to come into your store or restaurant, if they want to buy from you and what they want to buy.

One way we help them make that decision is through testimonials on the website. Many different element help them make a decision and testimonials are one of them. Testimonials should be on the home page and they should also have their dedicated page.

Here are 5 reasons testimonials help you sell:

  1. First rule of a sales is to build trust. Testimonials build trust. When a customer is talking about a positive experience they had with you, they are letting the shopper in on something you yourself did not tell them, they’re whispering in the shopper’s ear, yeah these guys are OK. You can trust them.
  2. Testimonials can showcase your benefits. A customer testimonial captures the benefits of your product or service through their eyes. You have influenced their business or lives in ways you many not be aware of. By them sharing their experience, other potential customers will see how their lives will be changed.
  3. Testimonials are in someone else’s voice. The testimonial is in someone else’s voice. An outside influence is suggesting to the shopper that you’re OK. The shopper is not the only one on this boat, they have company who has sailed these waters before – and made it to shore safely and happily.
  4. Testimonials create credibility. A testimonial has the power to create the credibility that your product or service will change their life for the better. It reinforces your message that you’re here to help them.
  5. A testimonial will walk the walk. When someone writes a testimonial, they sometimes tell the story of their journey. They may include any obstacles they may have encountered that you worked with them to overcome in order to reach their goals. This lets the shopper know that it’s not always an easy journey to the end-goal but that you’ll be there to help them along the way.

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