5 ways to find the best employees

It’s a fact – your website is a great place for new customers to find you, and the same goes for potential employees. If you don’t have a page on your site dedicated to accepting resumes and applications you’re missing out.

Right now companies are hiring. Don’t be the one that isn’t prepared.

  • Many candidates have dropped out of the job market due to COVID.
  • Extended unemployment benefits keep some from seeking work.
  • Companies are fighting over candidates.

Your Hiring Page

Adding a page to your website that allows people to submit applications and resumes is good business. It gives you ample space to tell your company story. To showcase your brand, services, and how you approach business.

Why would potential employees want to see this information? Simple. The wrong ones will not want to see it. The right ones will seek out extra info about your company because they:

  • Are interested.
  • Want to work somewhere they can make a difference.
  • Need to see if they fit your company culture.
  • Realize it makes a good impression to know more about the business / industry.

How To Structure Your Career Page

We’re going to show you a perfect example of how to showcase your company to future employees, doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, this example show you how.

Check out this careers page.

Did you notice how they put candidate attributes at the top? They want employees that fit the mold that has made their company successful. It’s clear they didn’t toss some empty corporate jargon up there. They want to keep people that don’t match the attributes from even applying.

For those who believe they match the company ideals, there’s a clickable link to current job openings. Below that is the company mission statement which makes it clear what the company expects out of itself and the individuals representing the group.

Don’t Forget The Video

One more thing to note on this page. Freeman Landscape made a “blockbuster” video that lets their current employees do the talking. It is amazing.

  1. Company culture is spelled out.
  2. Employee success stories are forefront.
  3. The actual work is shown.
  4. High production value with branding and equipment highlighted.
  5. The company leader wraps it up with the core messaging.

The best part? All of the employees are real and the culture is real. A video can take your search for the perfect employee to the next level. Other than face-to-face, it’s the best way to give job-seekers an inside look at your ideals, job descriptions, and culture.

Keep in mind, even if you’re not hiring at the moment, your careers page gives you the advantage of keeping quality applicants on file for future openings.

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