6 Ways to Make Your Business Website More Engaging

01 Feb 6 Ways to Make Your Business Website More Engaging

6 Ways to Make Your Business Website More EngagingIs your website being a good employee? An engaging website can be like a good salesperson – it will highlight your company’s best points and provide all the answers to any questions your potential customers or clients may have. Check out these six ways to make sure your website is encouraging visitors to interact with your business and leaving them wanting more.

  1. Link to your (active) social media pages
    Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be great ways to connect to your customers, so be sure to let site visitors know where else they can find you. Of course, this tip won’t do your business any good if your pages aren’t active.
  2. Include lots of visuals.
    Break up your website’s text by including images that aid your copy and showcase your company’s products and services. For restaurants, many people will visit a website looking for a menu or pictures of the food, and service-based businesses such as interior design and construction can benefit from a “before and after” page highlighting the best of what they do.
  3. Add video.
    Introduce your business with a welcome video on your homepage, or include tutorials for using your products; there are many ways to utilize video to enhance your website and engage visitors. For more information, check out these five reasons why you need to add video to your website.
  4. Tell your company’s story.6 Ways to Make Your Business Website More Engaging
    Add a more personal touch to your business website with stories about your company, staff bios, and updates about what your business is doing in your community. Consider adding a page describing the history of your business or its mission. Be sure to include any awards, certifications, and media highlights.
  5. Let people know what’s going on.
    Does your business participate in local charities or host events? Let people know! Not only will including a calendar or list of events on your website boost visibility and participation in your upcoming events and promotions, it will also encourage more people to return to your site regularly to see what’s new.
  6. Include a Blog.
    A blog is a great asset to any company website. Blogging regularly will increase website traffic, leading to more potential customers and business leads. Showcase your expertise in your field and make your website people’s go-to for information.

The right website is crucial to your company’s success online. Contact Design Interventions today and we’ll work with you to create the perfect website for your business.