7 reasons to use custom photography in your website

Saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words – but in a website it’s much more than that, the pictures are part of your sales tools. A sale is made when you create trust, analyze the clients needs and work with the client to fill the need.

Here are 7 ways custom photography for your website help sell your products:

  1. Custom photography allows the visitor to start to get to know you. The more comfortable they feel with you, your staff, location and products, the more they start to trust you.
  2. If you own a restaurant, people want to see your food and get a feel for the atmosphere.
  3. Custom photographs add credibility. If you show your staff or employees in their work environment, those shopping for your services get a good idea what you do. If they’re looking for a service you offer they are reinforced by the fact that your people actually do that service. They see it with their own eyes.
  4. Custom photography provides a tour of your office, location, building. So as people are shopping for you they get some insight on how you operate.
  5. When a visitor sees a photo of a real person, location or product it helps them decide if that is the product they want or person they want to work with.
  6. People are wise to clip-art. They know that the beautiful family on the pest control website is the same family on the dentist’s bill board. They get a sense that you’re cheating them out of your real customer experience.
  7. When we do custom photography we can focus in on specific areas of your products/services that you want to highlight.
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