8 ways to start marketing your website

So you have your new beautiful website with all the bells and whistles to generate more business, now you have to get people to that website. There are 8 important things to do.

  • Make sure your Google listing is compelling – leading shoppers to your website.
  • Your website address should be on everything you print – from business cards to receipts, brochures, bags and labels.
  • Make sure your website is on your front door near your hours.
  • Use social media in conjunction with your website to get your name out and build product awareness. Not only announce the new website but how it will impact your clients.
  • Send out an email blast to your database to let them know you not only have a new website but talk about how that site will make it easier for them to interact with you. Also walk them through the website and showcase what you’re proud of. Add a call to action that links back to the site or shopping cart.
  • Make sure your sales team mentions the new website to all clients and potential clients.
  • If you do print advertising make sure the ad leads to the landing page of the product in the ad.
  • If you use radio or TV to advertise, make sure you end the ad with your website address. Or better yet to the landing page that corresponds with the ad copy.

Some of this sounds pretty basic but it’s all going to bring more people to your website to ultimately do business with you.


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