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05 Jan 10 Common Web Design Terms Defined

Whether you’ve decided to hire a professional web designer or you want to try to build your own website, chances are you’ll run into these terms. Content Management System (CMS) A Content Management System, typically shortened to CMS, is a behind-the-scenes tool that allows you to manage...

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29 Jul Is Your Website Working for You?

In today’s digital world, having a professional website for your business is more important than ever. An effective website can attract more customers, much like the right employee can increase your sales. What does your current website say about your business? Think of your site...

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18 Nov Is your website out of date?

(read time about 3 minutes) Websites like any other product that are designed, have trends in design and functionality.  How do you know if your website is current? There are quite a few design elements that are trending right now.  Because computers and smart devices are able...

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