Walk the walk of your customers.

For a website design firm I was never particularly proud of our site.  I would steer customers away from it by saying things like, “the shoemakers’s kids are unshod” or something  cleaver like that. We knew it was time for a new site but it was totally on a back burner.  This year we collaborated as a team to come up with our own new look.

I write all the time about website trends, and what technology is allowing us to create on our websites.  I think I have my finger on the pulse of my client’s feelings toward their websites.  Most are happy because they know it will increase business.  Many comment on how nice their sites look and some say they get positive feedback from their clients. So, why was I totally not not ready for the awesome feeling I got when I saw my own website re-designed?  I giggled. It’s SO COOL.  Yes, I worked with our designers to come up with the idea and yes I am totally aware of trends in the industry and yes I supplied the photos and yes I read what the writers wrote…but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness of the finished product. The takeaway – having your website re-designed by a professional organization to your specs, with your brand and your ideas is an awesome experience.

I’m holding my head high now when I say, “Yes, we have a website go check it out!”

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Design Interventions
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