Is Your Website Working for You?

technology-791034_1280In today’s digital world, having a professional website for your business is more important than ever. An effective website can attract more customers, much like the right employee can increase your sales. What does your current website say about your business? Think of your site as a second store front—potential customers are getting an important first impression of your business based on what they see. Is your website pulling its weight, or turning away business? Ask yourself these essential questions:



1. Is my website accessible?
Can you remember a time when you spent what seemed like forever searching for something specific on a website? The average person will spend 6 seconds searching a website before moving on. That’s not a lot of time to convince your potential customers that you have what they’re looking for, so every second really does count.
Do away with any unnecessary clutter on your web pages and make sure your site is easy to navigate. Consider details your customers might want to know, such as information about a product or how to contact you, and make sure you can access the right information in less than three mouse clicks.

2. Does my website convey the right information?
Does the website’s copy clearly let visitors know what your business does? Are your products and services outlined and explained? If someone wanted to contact you or find your store, would they be able to find the information they need? Do you have a portfolio or gallery that shows off what your business can do? These are all important things to consider when building a website for your business. If the answer to these is “no,” it may be time to contact a web designer!

3. Is my website professional?
tie-690084_1280A poorly-made website could mean you’re driving away potential business. Remember, your website is the face of your business online, and in a highly-digital society, that face is often the first one your potential customers are going to see. A cluttered website with a harsh color scheme and copy that contains spelling and grammar errors might make visitors decide it’s not worth the trouble to navigate.

Tone is also important—make sure your site’s copy reflects the same tone you want to convey for your business, whether that tone is laid back or more formal.

4. Do I need to include visuals?
Images and video are a great addition to your business’s website. Images provide quick and easy access to information, such as demonstrating a product or showing the results of a service. Videos can do the same, and are also a great way to showcase the personality of your staff and create a more personal connection between you and your visitors.
White space is another important part of visuals. Your text and images should be well spaced to make everything easy to read and scan quickly for information. Keep the 6-second rule in mind.

5. Am I easy to find?
google-485611_1280SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important if you want to be found online. SEO includes the use of keywords used to help search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc., connect your website with people who are looking for what you have to offer. Hiring a professional who is familiar with SEO will increase your website’s traffic, which in turn can lead to more business.

Make sure your website is working for you by asking these important questions. If your site isn’t doing everything it should, consider hiring a professional web designer. At Design Interventions we’ll work with you to create a professional website that shows off the best of what your business has to offer. Contact us today and be one of our success stories.

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