Let’s build a website

Running a business? Need more customers? By all means take time away from whatever you’re selling, making or promoting to learn the trade of website building.  I say that in jest but you have no idea how many well meaning business owners do just that.  They take time away from what they do to learn something new that they think will help their business. I’ve learned through the years that a homemade website looks alot like a homemade anything.  We go to school whether it be design school or computer school to learn not only how to do this job, but right practices to make things work.

That said, I will attempt, in the next few months, to share right practices with you so that if you are one of the daring who wants to build your own website,  you at lease know where to begin.

Good luck and remember, if it doesn’t work out I’ll also be giving tips on how to hire the right website design company.

Design Interventions
Design Interventions
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