Online meeting etiquette – our new normal

26 Mar Online meeting etiquette – our new normal

Even more questions came up after we did the video about Zoom or online meeting etiquette. It doesn’t matter what format you’re using, but everybody today is doing online meetings and there are certain rules and regulations that go along with that. We all know you’re in your home, so it’s okay to be in a dining room or a living room. Or even if your office is in your bedroom, it’s okay to be there and have your bed in the background, but it’s not okay to be in your bed. There are certain decorams that you want to follow. They should be set out by the person who’s hosting the meeting. When they send out the invitation or the email, it should state if there are expectations like, “Please dress professionally. Please be in a professional state of mine” and if those things are stated then follow those rules. If you are in a meeting in a conference room or in an office with somebody, you definitely would be face-to-face with them and you would represent yourself as well as you possibly could. The other question that came up was, “how about, do I have to have my camera on?” Well yeah you do. If you don’t have your camera on it’s kind of like you’re creeping on a meeting. You could be doing anything else and it’s not only distracting, but it’s just not a good practice. People asked about pets and babies, they don’t belong in your business meeting. If you’re in a business, if you are going into somebody’s office you wouldn’t have your baby on your arm or your dog on your lap. So, there’s just more of the questions that have come up. This is turning into a fun project. If you have any other concerns or questions, give me a call or text me at 910-200-3367. We’re going to start talking about the proper ways to market and to help your customers during the covid-19 virus.