Have a strategy in place before building a website


08 Sep Have a strategy in place before building a website

A chess player would never sit down at a table without a successful winning strategy.  So should be true for a successful website.  A website is a collection of coded pages that visitors arrive on to get information from your company.  To make your website is successful you should use a strategy to actually gain business. It’s the strategy, system or plan you use to display the information that determines whether your site will be a success or a failure.

Planning a strategy takes work.  The purpose of the site should be taken into consideration when planning a strategy. To truly be successful, a website needs to pair both an attractive look and a solid plan. The plan or strategy for the website can be determined first of all, by the reason for the site. Is it promoting visitors to call to purchase products or services?  Is it selling physical or digital products on the site? Is it gathering sales leads to supplement an offline business? Each of these purposes has a different strategy.

If you want a customer to choose you over your competitor by calling, a video of your individual positive traits with a list of your assets works well. A call to action is a must. If you’re selling on line by all means be sure you make it easy for your customers to check out in the shopping cart, don’t make them jump through hoops to pay you. If you’re gathering sales leads, please offer a benefit to sign up. A simple free-bee in exchange for an email address is a great strategy and make sure you use an easy to use data gathering and organizing system.  It will make contacting your customers very easy.

Websites shouldn’t just sit there hoping people enjoy the content enough to spontaneously send money.  No matter what you want your site to accomplish, you should utilize the strategies necessary and make sure the mechanisms fit into the design of the site before you proceed to build it. Checkmate.