Some tricks to get people to your website.

It used to be when you wanted to share knowledge or promote your product you pulled out the old typewriter and started typing.  Your biggest concern was if you had enough white out to cover your mistakes.  Today when you type your message you don’t need white out but if you want anyone  to see it there are some concerns you should address. First priority is to create content to sell your product or inform your reader.  While you’re writing though, you should have another purpose in mind. You should be writing to appeal to search engines.  Here are some best practices that will help Google find your website.

Include your location and keywords in normal sentences in your text. If you own a web design firm in Wilmington, North Carolina, make sure you mention that when you’re describing your business.  Google likes to hear the words that people search for used in normal ways.

When you write, make sure you reference other topics that are on your site, and then link to them. If you have a restaurant that specializes in a certain sandwich have a link to the page for that sandwich.  Google likes to see logical links from one page to another.

Make sure you highlight your key phrases with heading tags.  Use heading tags to emphasize the main thoughts, not only will your customers find it easier to follow your content but Google will too.

Make sure you have unique titles on each page and see to it that they too are sending your message.

Lastly make sure you update your site regularly.  Google likes a fresh website.  Keep it current.


content courtesy Google Webmaster tools.

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