We Know You’re Ready BUT IS YOUR WEBSITE?

We’re taking our masks off and sweeping our front stoops welcoming customers back in our stores or businesses. Over the past year, were taken steps to create social distancing, signs were posted to inform of COVID protocols and hand sanitizer stations were placed at every door. Now that the restrictions are loosening we’re getting back to how it used to be – some call it normal.

Is your website reflecting this?

Here’s a brief checklist to make sure your website is accurate:

  1. Are your hours correct?
  2. Has your COVID protocol changed? Is the change on the website?
  3. Do you have new distancing rules? Are they posted on the site?
  4. Do you have different mask requirements? Does your website show them?
  5. Are you still offering online ordering? Does your website promote it?
  6. Still offering some kind of curbside pickup? Are the instructions clear?
  7. How about delivery, still delivering? Does your website promote that?
  8. Does it show the delivery area?
  9. Is your staff vaccinated? Can your customers see that they are on the website?
  10. And lastly, were your customers loyal during the pandemic? Do you thank them on your website?

Design Interventions is with you for your website’s ENTIRE LIFE.

If your site needs updates to keep up with the changes in your business give us a call (910) 200-3367.

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