Why Are People Leaving My Website?

exit-618506_1280A website page’s bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who leave the page shortly after it loads, indicating that the person visiting the page decided to leave before viewing any of the site’s content. Having a high bounce rate means your website could be turning people away. Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons why people are leaving your website.

The Pages are too Hard to Read

Harsh color schemes, a lack of white space, and unappealing fonts are three big problems that are likely to convince visitors that your website just isn’t worth the trouble. Make a list of colors and other design features that you like and discuss them with your web designer—they’ll be able to take your ideas and make suggestions that will enhance the design in a way that will be both attractive and professional.

Pop-Ups & Others Annoying Features

Websites that feature pop-ups asking visitors to join their newsletters right away or require registration in order to view content are a sure means to turn people away. You should also avoid having too many advertisements on your page that make it difficult to find the actual content, and be sure any “auto-play” features are not enabled.

Outdated Plugins

telephone-167068_1280Did you know that Mozilla has disabled Flash plugins for Firefox? That means that if your website contains Flash, anyone visiting your site using Firefox as their web browser (and studies suggest that about 1 in 5 people do) will see a disabled plugin notice in place of your content. Update your website’s content and keep it up to date or your website risks turning people away.

Slow Loading Time

If your website contains a lot of features that cause the loading time to become delayed, it might deter impatient visitors who are used to the instant gratification of a digital world. A skilled web designer will be able to optimize your website so that it performs well no matter what browser or internet connection your visitors may have.

Unable to find what they’re looking for

Most people will only spend a few seconds scanning a web page before moving on to something else if they can’t find what they need. Consider why people might be visiting your website:

  • Are they looking for information on a product you sell?
  • Do they want to know what services you provide?
  • Are they trying to find a menu for your restaurant?
  • Are they looking for your phone number or address?
  • Do they want to see picture samples of work you’ve done in the past?

One of the main goals of your website should be to answer important questions your potential customers have when seeking out your business. Make a list of these questions and be sure you can answer them using your site.


If your website is turning visitors away, that also means it’s turning away business. Contact Design Interventions today and we’ll help you plan and build the perfect website that will attract and engage visitors, increasing your company’s visibility and helping your business grow.

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