Why wait for a new website – new year new business plan

Out with the old, in with the new. That could be applied to an outdated jacket as well as a website that won’t cut it in 2021.

The jacket may make people question your style. But a website that lacks modern aesthetics and functionality can cost you money. And that’s not a good trend for your business..

Knowing when to revamp or implode your website is the first step. Looks count, yet there’s more to it than that.

Simply ask yourself some questions as you browse your company website.

  • Am I using the best calls-to-action to get business?
  • Am I solving my customers’ problems?
  • Am I serving my target customers?
  • Is the information easy to locate?
  • Are my core services on prominent display?
  • My offers… are they compelling!
  • On mobile, does my site work smoothly? 61% of searchers are more likely to contact a local business if their site is mobile-friendly.

Those are all key points to consider. There’s one main point that relates to those… are your visitors engaging with your website?

Are they signing up for your email list? Are you making sales? Do people use the contact forms?

97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.

Quick No-Nos

It will be helpful for you to see the other side of the coin as well. Maybe your site has…

  • No request for business – sign up, call for quote, buy now.
  • Stale content or a blog you’ve not updated in months.
  • Broken links.
  • Sales pages that don’t convert.
  • Branding that does not match your offline materials.

Those issues are not the end of the world and can be fixed relatively quickly. But the longer you wait, the further you fall behind competitors who are rushing to modernize their web presence.

Modern Plans Require Modern Websites

Many business people are using the new year to infuse modern strategies into their marketing. They’ve decided they can no longer ignore their online presence and hope for the best.

Waiting on customers to just stumble upon your website doesn’t work anymore. Not sure that ever worked!

And you don’t want to be left behind by ignoring content creation, social media integration, SEO efforts, and focused landing pages. Those are just a few ways a fresh website gives you enhanced access to online clients and shoppers.

Not to mention the first impression your website provides. How many clients do you miss out on because they look at your site for 5 seconds then vanish? Tip – checking your web stats (analytics) can paint that picture when you know what to look for.

What If

Look, we know technology moves like lightning and can be intimidating. And change can cause a little anxiety. But think of the way you operate your business in the physical world.

You’re always changing vendors or adding new ones. Updating signs or lighting. Adding tools to make your work easier.

Consider doing the same for your website.

It’s not about keeping up with the Jones with the coolest fonts and colors. It’s about ensuring your website isn’t keeping the Jones, Smiths, Browns, etc. from using your products or services because it’s not up to speed.

By the way, there’s no standard expiration date for a website. All businesses are different. You can check out your competitors to see how your site stacks up. But the best option is to get a professional opinion.

We’re not fashion experts, so we won’t judge that old jacket, but we know how to grow your business with good web design. Give Design Interventions a call.

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