4 Easy Steps To Make Your Website Work

The other day I was on a website that was beautiful.  I was drawn in by their design and content.  I kept wanting to go farther and farther into the site.  Problem.  The website stopped me from doing that. It was designed without thought of navigating.

I truly don’t know how this can happen, but it does.  To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, plan ahead.  When you start designing your site make sure you lay it out.  Think about the architecture of the site.

How will you get from one location in the website to another? Plan this.

1. Draw an outline of the matrix of the links

2. Label index cards with page names and physically move them around to create the flow of the website

3. Name them with titles that make sense.  Think about what people are looking for, not what YOU call it.

4. Think of places people will logically look for something.

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