Case Studies

Creating an organized sign-up system for The St. Partick’s Day Parade

Wilmington, North Carolina’s St. Partick’s Day Parade is all about celebration and having a good time. The parade annual fundraiser is even a party – a Hooley (Irish party) where all proceeds go to pay for the parade. The two events are completely organized and carried out by volunteers. The committee was pleased with the interest but overwhelmed by the lack of organization in the way people signed up/paid to participate. Interested parties were texting, emailing, IM-ing, and calling the committee if they wanted to be in the parade. There was no central system to keep track and it turned into a nightmare.

Initially the St. Patrick’s Day Parade volunteers built their own website with the primary function to let residents know the parade date and location. They had no idea the website could be a repository to have participants and sponsors sign up and pay in one location and keep an organized list that arrived in one place, until they met with Design Interventions.

Together we worked up a plan to create a website that allowed all the categories of parade participants and sponsors to sign up and pay right online. The parade committee now has a system where they know who’s marching in the parade, they know who paid, and what categories they’re in, so things run a lot smoother. They can also easily contact participants and sponsors because they have their email addresses.

Design Interventions provided:

  • Guidance on Ways to Organize the Sign-Up System
  • Professional Website Design
  • Professional Online Payment System


St. Partick’s Day Parade

The Results:

The parade committee was able to keep the list of participants organized, they collected fees long before the day of the parade, they were no longer chasing checks and wondering if they missed anything, and things ran a lot smoother.

Shifting A Mechanic’s Website into A New Gear

When Picone Automotive was looking to expand its business, they knew their website wasn’t at its full potential. It was a corporate website that came from a distributor. That distributor gave Picone what they thought they needed without listening to their real issues. The result was a website that didn’t stand out, properly feature their services, or tell the unique story of Picone Automotive.

They turned to Design Interventions, and the first thing we did was have an in-depth conversation about their services and where they wanted the business to go. We discovered that the most potential was with fleet maintenance and started creating a site that focused completely on bringing in those clients.

Design Interventions provided:

  • Professional Design
  • Professional Writing
  • Photography


Picone Automotive

The Results:

By listening to the needs of Picone, we were able to create a website with a clear and concise professional look and feel that’s easier for potential customers to navigate and digest.

The website has taken our business to an entirely new level. You did an awesome job!

~ Picone Automotive