4 Things Your Customers Want To Know During COVID-19

As the owner of a Website Design Company, I didn’t think my role would be one of counseling small businesses on how to market during a pandemic. But it’s 2020 and we’re doing just that.

Your website is more important than ever as people are seeking information on their phones before heading out of the house. Your clients are now not only choosing you because of your brand, service and product but also because of your COVID protocols, so these need to be prevalent on your website. Here are some ideas to keep our customers informed:

  1. Make sure your pandemic precautions are in a pop-up on your home page. Make them brief and easy to read. Your customers are looking to see what you’re doing and want the information when they get to your site.
  2. Put your pandemic precautions on your Google Business Page. Your customers will know your procedures when they Google you.
  3. Create a page specifically about your crisis situation. Make sure any pandemic changes you have undertaken are stated. These include altered hours, expectations of your customers – for example, if they need to wear masks, any precautions your team is taking – for example if your staff is wearing masks or gloves, any positive things you’re doing – for example only allowing 10 people in the store at one time, only 50% occupancy. These are the precautions your customers are looking for when making their decision to choose you. They’re choosing from their phones, not once they get to your front door.
  4. Make sure your website menu has an easy to see tab to your COVID procedures page. Make the title simple so your customers know what it is.

If you need us to help you with these updates call or email us.

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