Answering more questions on how to Zoom

27 Mar Answering more questions on how to Zoom

I was gonna start talking today about how to market during the coronavirus, but I got quite a few more responses on Zoom etiquette and wanted to address those today instead. I am a full-time marketer, I have a website design company, Design Interventions. We are really digging in right now and helping our clients serve their clients the best way they can. Back to Zoom, some of the questions that came up or suggestions, one was make sure that you look in your surroundings behind you before you start your meeting. Turn on your camera and just peak around and see what’s back there. One example that was brought to me was, somebody was in a business meeting with their boss and in the back, back there, was a weed plant. So, you don’t want to send that message. The other person said there was a snake in a cage in the background. That was part of that person’s personal life that they never shared in a business setting and then they did. I don’t know if that was something they didn’t want anybody to know about or not, but anyway those are things that you want to take a peek at. The other thing is your pets and your kids. If you have a dog that you know, the dog barks. Put it somewhere where it won’t be able to be heard in your meeting. It’s a business meeting. You know darn well if you start a meeting the UPS guy’s going to drive up and the dogs going to go crazy. So I’m not just saying these things to be picky. These are things that make you look bad or look good. When you’re in a business meeting you want to present yourself the best you can just like you do when you go to the office. We’re getting through these times and people are starting to adapt. People no longer are new to zoom, but they are learning the etiquette of what to do right and wrong. Again, if you have questions give me a call 910-200-3367 or text me and we’ve got now #Zoominterventions. So, you can follow all the videos there and we are gonna be diving into marketing too, thanks.