Calls to action. 4 reasons you need them

You may hear website designers talk about a call to action or CTA and wonder what it is and why you need it. Well, a call to action is a way to motivate your reader to move forward to become a customer or client. It can create a conversion from a lead. It’s usually a link to a different page, form, shopping area or payment solution.

Not including a call to action on your website, newsletter, videos or social post is a huge mistake. Your readers are accustomed to seeing and acting on calls to action and they expect them.

Here are 4 reasons your business will benefit from a good call to action and then I’ve listed 7 types of CTA.

  1. Your customers want a call to action. Have you ever tried to pay a bill online and get frustrated because there’s no pay now button? Your readers expect that call to action on the website. It leads them to take the next step.
  2. The call to action button. Taking it one step further, having a CTA button makes it easy for your prospects to find and then to act and increases the chances of conversion. The button stands out and is even easier to see than text with a link to a new page.
  3. The call to action acts as a road map. When you need to lead your prospect to the next step, whether it’s to call for an estimate, fill out a form to let you know what they’re interested in, read more, buy now or sign up to hear more, your readers are expecting this ‘nudge’ to lead them along the way. They appreciate the convenience.
  4. The call to action directs your prospect based on your needs. Your reader will know what the intention of the content is, he won’t be confused in any way. He will be lead to take action so that the end result is getting you the information or action you need.

There are 7 basic types of calls to action:

  1. Sign up for an event. This call to action informs your reader about the event, may offer a sign up/payment portal and generates reminders prior to the event. It can be a seminar, Zoom meeting, concert or luncheon. Actually any kind event can be promoted with good copy and a good sign up call to action.
  2. Lead generation. Your sales force relies on qualified leads. If you have an offer in your newsletter, website or social post it should have a call to action to receive the offer. In that CTA, you should require all of the information your sales staff needs to follow up.
  3. Share. The share call to action asks your readers to share your content across social media. This is a powerful CTA because when someone shares your post they are endorsing you and presenting your content to new sets of eyes.
  4. Learn more. This CTA leads a prospect to find out more information on your product or service. It helps them hone in on the purchase they want.
  5. Buy now. This is one of the most common calls to action. It leads your shopper to complete their search for the product they’re looking to buy. It should take them to a shopping cart that is secure and easy to navigate to order and pay for the product.
  6. Upload. If you need information from your reader, it needs to be easy for them to upload that information. Whether it be a resume, art, drawings or a logo, your customers should be prompted to upload and the process should be simple.
  7. Download. If you’re offering something to download be sure to notify your customers exactly what will happen when they push the download button. Will they be taken to another screen, will the document immediately download, what format will it be in?

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