Changing relationships

13 Apr Changing relationships

If you’re a business owner or you’re a manager of a staff or a team, your relationship with those individuals is going to change drastically forever after we do online meetings. Used to be, we would go to work and dress professionally. Your staff were dressed professionally or however they need to present themselves at work. They would act professionally and you would treat them as a staff member or an employee. What’s happening now is they’re inviting you into their homes. No matter how much they set up their office to look like a professional place; they’s still going to be a time when you’re live in a meeting and a kids going to run through or a dogs gonna bark, or something like that is going to happen and you’re going to get a peek, a tidbit into the lives of them when they’re not at work and that’s something that they didn’t share with you before. So it’s something for you to think about because it’s happening and it’s going to continue and then when you get back to work in a business setting; your lives together will be different because of it. If you’re interested in any zoom tips, give me a call or text me at 910-200-3367, email, and we’re always at #Zoominterventions.