How to avoid people hacking your Zoom meeting

28 Mar How to avoid people hacking your Zoom meeting

Our friend over at CMIT Solutions, David Usher, asked me to discuss security in your Zoom meeting and hacking and how to avoid that. There are some good “best practices” that you should be doing, which will totally avoid people entering your meeting who you don’t want there. First thing is to set up a password. When you set up the meeting itself you push the button that says “meeting password” and it will generate a password. Then when you send out your invitation. It’ll include the meeting URL which is the link that takes him to the meeting, but it will also have a password. When they go to log into the meeting, it’ll ask them to add that password. So, that’s one level. The second level is if you are the facilitator or the host of the meeting. You should be allowing people to join the meeting. So, you say when they chime in or when they enter the meeting, there’s a little button at the bottom of the screen that says “Tom wants to join the meeting” and the host or facilitator should be allowing them in. Another really good practice is don’t share the link to your meeting in a public forum. Whether it’s social media or your website. It’s just not a good practice because then the link is out there and more people will be able to try to join that meeting. You might lose track of who’s invited and allow people in who you don’t want. We’re truly enjoying doing these Zoom tips. If you have any questions or comments of things that we need to continue to do. We’re not doing the technical part of zooming, we’re doing the etiquette and the do’s and don’ts. You can email me at, my day job, or text or call me at 910-200-3367 and you can go back to the old videos that we’ve done so far at #Zoominterventions. So I hope you are getting some knowledge out of this because it’s a new world and we’re all a part of it.