It’s a good time to start an online store

Why do you rob banks? Because that’s where the money is!

That’s the famous question that was answered by Slick Willie Sutton, notorious bank robber. I’m not here to convince you to become an old-school gangster, but to ask you a similar question.

Why do folks sell online? Because that’s where the money….

You know it as well as I. Consumers are shopping online like mad. I’ll drop major stats to prove it, but look at your own shopping habits.

They’ve changed tremendously in the last couple of years, right? Then our online shopping habits went into overdrive in 2020 as COVID hit. In 2021, e-commerce is predicted to rake in over $4.9 trillion. That’s with a T – as in Time to get your slice of the online pie.

Simple to Start

One thing that prevents people from starting a brand new online store is the fear of technology. Same goes for brick and mortar store owners afraid that online sales are too complicated.

That may have been true 5 years ago, but now we have an online tool shed full of easy-to-use software for:

Hey, I know technology can be frustrating. But trust me, I could teach a 3rd grader how to run an e-commerce shop in a flash. OK, bad example – the wiz-kid would take over my design business. Better example – I could teach your dad how to open an online shop.

35% of shoppers said they plan to shop at physical stores less, even after COVID is eradicated.

No Limits but the Clock is Ticking

I get excited when a client starts an online store. Why? Because the possibilities are endless. I remember when Amazon only sold books and poor Jeff Bezos had no private jet.

No pressure to compete with Amazon. Your mission will be to compete with the other little shops that are popping up. And with the right tools and a go-getter mindset, you can compete and prosper.

Just remember, the online space is wide open right now. But it’s wise to get in sooner rather than later. Especially if you already have a physical store – 48% of consumers are remaining loyal to their usual/familiar brands during the pandemic.

It’s crucial to add an online element to your sales in case of more lockdowns. You want your regular customers to keep using you, not Amazon / Not to mention the opportunity to reach customers all over the world. Why wouldn’t people in Oregon or Toronto purchase your silk flowers or cedar signs too?

Take Your Shot

There are a lot of complicated business ideas out there. But selling online is no longer one of them. Thank goodness!

“Buy for a dollar, sell for two,” is a simple way to state how buying and selling works. That’s all you’re doing, along with providing friendly customer service just like you would face-to-face.

I’m here to answer your questions about starting an online store or adding one to your existing business. Give me a ring – on that gadget you use for shopping.

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