Local Website Design Company Works with Business Owners to Teach Zoom Etiquette

Businesses have to learn the rules of online meetings as they learn how to use the software

Wilmington— 4/13/20 — Local Website Design Company owner, Sue Rachunok is creating video tips to help business owners navigate their online meetings. #zoominterventions was created to help people learn the right way to present themselves.

From Rachunok:

“Three weeks ago just about everyone I know had to learn Zoom – fast! My team and I have been using the platform for a while, so I became the ‘go-to’ expert. I was on the phone teaching Zoom basics and always ended the conversation with etiquette tips, so I decided to create videos of those tips. It’s stuff we all need to know.

#zoominterventions has really taken off. I am getting questions and comments from all over the country – business owners, CEOs, church groups, schools, faculties, realtor associations, and students are some of the types of groups asking for info. Tips as simple as ‘tell your family you’re in a meeting so they don’t interrupt’ or ‘be aware of your background.’ Remember years ago, when we started emailing, and someone would write in all CAPS and you would say, ‘why are they yelling at me?’ Same is true with actions during Zoom meetings. No one wants to be ‘that guy’.

We are continuing to add new videos to our website and to our social media with #zoominterventions because new issues continue to arise.”

From more information or for a Zoom interview:
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