Starting 2019 out right – Make Sure Your Site is Secure

It’s 2019, your website needs an SSL to be secure.

Sometimes Google ‘strongly encourages’ us to start new practices – and this is one of those times! Google has implemented announcing if a website is not secure on Google Chrome. But this is not the only reason to have a secure website.

A secure site has an extra layer of security.

Secure Certificates were originally installed on websites in order to make financial transactions online. The Secure Certificate (SSL) is – in layman’s terms – an extra layer of security for your website. When making a transaction online this is mandatory in order to get compliance from a payment processor. A processor will not agree to make online transactions without the SSL. Well a while back Google realized that that extra layer of security was a good thing. Just as it penalized those without mobile versions of their websites years ago, they are pointing out when you do not have a secure website.

How do you get an SSL?

If you have a reputable website design company they have probably encouraged you to add one to your site. You should be able to buy one from your design company or host and they should be able to add it to your site.
They renew annually and the cost should be added to your auto renew.
If you are not on talking terms with your website company, if they don’t respond to you quickly or if they sadly don’t know what you’re talking about when you ask for an SSL, contact Design Interventions we’re here to help you.


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