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If you have a business website, people are looking on their phones to find you.  It’s one of those things…people get better phones and use them for more.  If you don’t keep up you’ll get overlooked. I have watched the growth of mobile use over years and am amazed at how many websites still don’t have responsive sites.  If you don’t want to invest in an entire website rebuild, hire someone to build you just a mobile site.  Then when the time comes to update the entire site, make sure it’s a responsive site.

This year I created mobile sites for 2 of my established restaurants.  Without any publicity their site visitor numbers increased by 66.77% from last year at this time*.  Their mobile audience however increased by 85.4% over one year*.   So, numbers are numbers, I wanted to know how the mobile site affected business.  I called the manager of one of the restaurants.  She told me that business was definitely up. This restaurant is on a busy street downtown.  They are considered a destination restaurant.  People choose them for special occasions and events.  What she told me however is that since I built the mobile site, they have markedly increased business from people walking down the street.  They see the menu in the window and call to make a reservation in 15 minutes.  It has caused her to reorganize her wait staff to accommodate.  Good problem to have.

*Data courtesy Google Analytics


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