It’s all in the number – phone number!

Sometimes your potential client looks at your website solely to find you phone number to give you a call. That’s why you need to make sure your phone number is easy to see – quickly. At Design Interventions, we make sure you phone number is up top and on the bottom of each page of your website. We also make sure the phone number is click-able. Then when someone looks at your site on the phone, they can just click it and call you.

Each element of your website should be there to make it easy for your potential customers and current customers to reach you.

There should be buttons or elements that ask your customers to act. Whether to make an appointment, call to schedule a free estimate, sign up for a free offer of to come in for a sale – the easier you make it for them to act the more likely they will.

Design Interventions is a website design firm that works with hundreds of businesses to make sure their websites are working to bring them business. We know the current trends and make sure our websites keep up with them.


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