Online meeting rules and regulations

24 Mar Online meeting rules and regulations

We got a lot of response after the video on how to join a zoom meeting and I want to address some of the questions you guys had. Biggest question was, “What kind of etiquette is there in a zoom meeting?”. There is etiquette. The one thing that’s really important is that you mute your microphone when you’re not talking. That way even if it’s a rustling noise or a hum of a refrigerator in the background it’s not annoying to the other people in the room. People are at home now, so it might be a baby or a dog. Anyway just make sure that the microphone is muted. Second thing, just like in a real meeting, put your phone on silent and put it away. Pay attention to the people in your meeting while you’re meeting with them. To that end, you also want to make sure the people in your house are aware of the fact that you’re in a zoom meeting. Tell them. Make an announcement before you start. So that they don’t walk in and ask you a question because what it’ll look like to the people you’re having a meeting with, is that you’ll be looking off camera and you’ll be talking to something and the people who you’re actually trying to have a meeting with won’t know what you’re doing. So these are just some tips on things you should be doing. If you have any questions or comments, call me or text me at 910-200-3367.