Role of the Facilitator

30 Mar Role of the Facilitator

Hey, today we’re talking about the role of the facilitator or the host of the meeting and roles very important just like in a face-to-face meeting. The first thing you need to do is set up the meeting. So, to do that you go to the scheduling button in your Zoom dashboard and you schedule the time, the date, the duration. It’s a good practice to mute people when they join the meeting, so that if they do have noise in the background like a TV or a radio. That it doesn’t come through when they join the meeting and it’s glaring. If you want to see everybody’s faces make sure that you enable video when they join the meeting. Then you take the invitation and you send it to the people who you want to include in your meeting. So, they’ll be able to click on the link to get to the meeting. The invitation should also include your expectations of the meeting, what you want to achieve, how you want the meeting to feel. So, if you want it to be a formal business meeting make sure that’s stated. If you want it to be business casual or wear your PJs or let’s have lunch together, make sure that’s stated in the initial invitation and that way people will know what to do once they decide to join. The next thing is what I always do, is put an agenda so that people know what’s coming up. Once the meeting’s started people will start chiming in and when their name comes up at the bottom it’s the hosts responsibilities to allow them in. You can either greet them and include them or just let them join as they come in and then it’s the hosts or the facilitators responsibility to actually run the meeting and it’s really important in Zoom because you can’t talk over each other. Only one person can talk at a time. So, the facilitator really needs to direct their attention to each person, so that they speak and when they’re finished then the facilitator directs it to the next person. If people start talking left and right it can be chaotic and there you will lose control of that meeting. So, hopefully these tips were helpful. If you have any more ideas, questions, concerns you can call or text at 910-200-3367, or email me at We’re always at #Zoominterventions. Stay safe out there and I hope you’re having fun at home.