Is your website out of date?

(read time about 3 minutes)

Websites like any other product that are designed, have trends in design and functionality.  How do you know if your website is current?

There are quite a few design elements that are trending right now.  Because computers and smart devices are able to handle larger downloads, websites are now pro-porting full screen images and videos as design elements.  If you have professional images and logos we highly recommend this in your design.  In fact in our firm, we have a photographer who works on almost every job to make sure the photos are professional quality. Videos, used as design elements, have to have specific formats and should be well thought out before using. We suggest the video show ‘why us?’ It should be well written and acted.

Another trend in design is a one page website. Although you can link to different parts of the site, the site is actually built to be able to scroll to any element you are interested in.  It used to be site visitors didn’t like to scroll. Now the idea of something teasing you to venture farther down the page is compelling enough to enable scrolling.

With the upsurge in mobile use, every site today should be responsive or have a mobile site. A responsive design enables the website to fit on any device weather it’s mobile, tablet or PC. With responsive design, the same design is displayed with modifications for each device.  A specially designed mobile site is necessary for businesses that cater to online ordering like a deli or pizzeria. The ability to ‘press to call’ is priceless when someone is calling to carry out.  No one uses the yellow pages anymore.  They go to their phones to find a restaurant, if we make it easy for them to then press one button to order chances are they’ll choose you.

No matter what, your site should have your hours of operation, location and contact information.

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