Does your website design company keep you happy?

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If you’re like most small businesses, you have a website.  No one has called to say anything is wrong with it, so in your mind the website is doing it’s job.  But is it? Is your website design company doing their job to make sure you know how successful your website is?

A good design company will make sure you get SEO (search engine optimization) data on a regular basis.  While SEO may be enhanced by professional SEO firms, data of the site’s success should be reported regularly.

Your site can be successful in many ways, not just SEO. While SEO is very important, we have found that some businesses have given their websites a lot more responsibility, so to speak, than bringing in new customers.  Some websites are built to sell products, some to accept online payments for goods or services. Some enable the business to save money in other areas, like eliminating paper. Whatever the responsibility of your website, your design company needs to monitor its success and interact with you on how it’s working, just like SEO data.

One of our customers came to us to see if we could rid them of paper.  We’re doing our best to oblige.  They are accepting online payments, their databases are able to be accessed through their website and gift cards can be ordered on their site. So in this case and many others we as website designers are tasked with different jobs than just bringing customers to the website and then, into the store.  We are tasked with keeping you happy in these other areas also.  You count on our expertise to make sure your site is designed correctly and works in whatever jobs it’s doing, but our responsibility is bigger than that. Our job as web site designers/developers is to make sure we listen to you and build a site that meets your needs and keeps you happy.

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