What makes a good e-commerce website?

Be ready to call up your best frenemy for some e-commerce assistance at the end of this article. More on that in a minute.

Right now, let’s talk about what makes a good e-commerce website. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the list from expanding to a million options / opinions. The best place to begin is to write down the business goals for your website.

For example, do you want to sell locally, nationally, or all over the globe? Is this a side-hustle or a full-time endeavor? Get focused before uploading your first product photo.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

If you forget every bit of advice in this post, write this tidbit on the back of your hand. Make your e-commerce website easy to use. So easy that even your Luddite uncle or your unorganized frenemy can navigate it.

If your online store has the prettiest clothes and lowest prices, that won’t matter if shoppers can’t figure out shipping costs or find their cart.

Here are ways to make your e-commerce shop easy to use:

  • Keep it uncluttered – opposite what a Dollar General looks like on… pick your day.
  • Arrange the content logically.
  • Make text short, sweet, and clear.
  • Ensure it works seamlessly on mobile since there are 2.5 billion smartphone users on this very planet.

Dig In

Now that you’ve made your e-commerce store simple and made it easy to shop, what’s next?

Visuals matter. Your product photos should be remarkable, not “acceptable.” And don’t forget to put your branding on display with consistent colors and design. Taking care of this initially, sets the stage for success and keeps you from having to make giant changes later.

Product / Service Descriptions. Describe your offerings clearly, combining concise sentences and graphics where possible. No need to write a Gettysburg Address for a lovely blouse!

Call-To-Action (CTA). Your website visitors don’t know what you want them to do. Hey, we’re only human. You must guide your shoppers. So give them directions. Suggest that they:

  • Check out now.
  • Add to cart.
  • Sign up for weekly coupons.
  • Share this deal with a friend.

More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA (Call to Action) copy.

An Awful e-commerce Experience

What makes for one of those↑?

A shop with too much text, too many products in one section, and stock photos looking phonier than a UFO video. I can keep going. But you’ve been there not done that.

Good to go? OK, one last thing. The best way to know if your e-commerce site is easy to use and your offers are clear is to have someone take a look. Wait, don’t ask your mom or a trusted friend. They are way too nice to tell you the truth.

Here’s where your best frenemy comes in. She won’t hesitate to tell you why your website is lackluster, needs overhauling, or that it “gave me a headache!”

At least you’ll have a different opinion on your site. Of course, you can avoid making contact with said frenemy by having a professional build your e-commerce website instead.

I promise I’ll be gentle.


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