Why do I need an SSL certificate on my website?

If you think self-preservation is crucial to business survival, please read this quick and easy post. SSL certificate talk is not super sexy. But if you don’t like being hacked and want to keep online profits rolling, take 2 minutes to learn how an SSL affects you.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Don’t care, right? But I know you care about a secure connection between your website and your visitors / customers. Because you don’t want their private info falling into the hands of some weirdo hacker in Transylvania.

That’s the main purpose of this web security feature. It’s crucial that people who arrive at your URL see it as a safe environment. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s easy to spot sites without an SSL certificates.

On the Chrome browser, you’ll get a big blocker warning you about a website not being safe if it lacks an SSL. I’ve seen it happen even on fairly popular sites. They must be unaware that cybercrime, if measured as a country, would be the 3rd largest economy on Earth – 6 trillion dollars!

No Exceptions

Admittedly some websites need an SSL certificate more than others. A hobby website with nothing for sale doesn’t need security as much as an e-commerce site with 40,000 views a week.

Still, every site regardless of size or function needs better security. Think what could happen if a nefarious hacker got control of the front page of your church website. They could post anything.

Or what if your collected email addresses fell into the hands of a hacker? If your website saves entries from sign-up forms, that is a risk when you operate with no SSL protection.

60.8% of sites have inadequate security, according to SSL Labs.

#1 Reason

Are there website owners who could care less about their visitors’ data being stolen? Possibly. But even in that extreme scenario, they would still want to use an SSL.

Two reasons. Both involve self-preservation. First off, opening the door for hackers also opens the door for legal troubles for allowing user data to be ripped off.

Searching for the second reason? It’s Google. The king of online search does not look kindly upon unsecured sites. This factors into the company’s ranking algorithm. Which in the simplest of terms means – sites without an SSL certificate stand little chance of being found, much less shopped on.

The bottom line is this. You can skate by without an SSL certificate. But it’s the same as opening a storefront and not locking your doors at night.

No need to risk that since SSL certificates at Design Interventions each and every website is secure, has an SSL certificate. Period. End of story. Questions? Please contact us.

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