Your Home Page Isn’t Always Seen First

When someone finds your website they don’t always start at the home page.  visitors can enter your site from any of your pages.  It depends on the content that leads them.

Knowing this there are a few things you should keep in mind when designing.

  1. Make sure your business name and contact information is on each page.  This includes address, phone numbers and email information.
  2. All links should work and be on all pages.  You should have a links menu on each page.
  3. If it’s appropriate your call to action should be on each page, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach a customer or potential customer.
  4. If you have a sign up form that’s important to your communication with your clients, put the sign up form on every page.  People are used to seeing them and they don’t take away from your content.
  5. Make sure you brand every page.  With template based designs it’s easy to make sure all your pages are branded but if you’re building from scratch it’s important to think about and plan.
  6. Be sure to design each page attractively.  Don’t assume you can take a break when doing content for non-home pages.  Copy should be succinct, keywords used where needed and graphic design should draw visitor to pertinent information.Treat each page as if it is the home page when designing and adding content.  For some visitors to your site it is your first impression.
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Design Interventions
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