5 Features to Consider for Your Website

banner-909710_1280Looking for ideas for your professional website design? Here are five features you should consider if you want to increase website traffic and generate leads for your business.

  • Google Analytics
    If you want to improve your marketing efforts and expand your business, Google Analytics is an essential feature for your company’s website. Analytics enable you to monitor certain factors such as your website’s bounce rate, where people found your website, and any keywords used to search for a site like yours. Find out what’s working and what can be improved in order to keep people coming back to your website when they need your product or service. Google analytics is easy to set up and there are plenty of online guides for how to use its tools.
  • Blog and/or Newsletter
    Connect with your customers or clients and keep them up to date with your company’s events, promotions, and other news by releasing blog posts or newsletters regularly. Both of these features are great ways to keep your site visitors engaged and increase the chance of them coming back for more later on.
  • polaroid-981440_1280Image Gallery
    Images are important on any page and work alongside your text to get your message across. Image galleries are perfect for businesses that offer products or services that can be photographed. Entice potential customers with pictures of food prepared in your restaurant, or showcase the best “before and after” photos of your latest remodeling job.
  • Video Clips
    Deliver your message quickly and efficiently with a video clip in place of text. Talk about your latest event or promotion and encourage viewers to share the clip with friends and family on social media. Use a video clip to demonstrate the proper use and care of your products. There are plenty of reasons to add video to your web pages.
  • Landing Pages
    If website visitors are reaching your website from specific places such as a newsletter, advertisement, or social media promotion, they may be visiting for a specific reason. Maybe they clicked a link to learn about a deal you’re offering, or they want to contact you for a free consultation or a coupon. Instead of directing links to your website’s homepage and forcing visitors to find their way to what they need, consider implementing landing pages.
  • Contact Forms
    Not everyone wants or has the ability to call your office or visit your business right away, but they may still have questions or other reasons to contact you. Providing a contact form on your website will give people a way to connect with your business and get the information they need directly from the source—you! Contact forms can be very general forms that include name, contact information, and a message, or they can be customized to include specific questions or options that help site visitors get their message to the right people.

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