Crafting a Website That You Can Be Proud Of

Your Website Is The Foundation of Your Digital Presence

Your website is the most important online sales tool you have. By the time a potential customer ever speaks to a salesperson, they’ve likely gone through 80% of the shopping process – with your website as their guide.

At Design Interventions, we believe that your website should not only answer their questions but also build trust, just like a good salesperson would. It’s time to craft a website for your business that not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations. It should also guide them seamlessly from getting to know your business to buying from you.

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Defining The Purpose and Audience For Your Website

It is important to understand the ‘why’ behind your website. It’s not merely a digital business card or an online brochure; it represents the core of your business’s digital strategy and often serves as the highest return on investment in your marketing.

But to get the most out of your website, you must start with a clear vision. Why does your website exist? Is it to inform, to sell, to educate, or to inspire? Defining this purpose sets the stage for all that follows.

Then focus on identifying your target customer, which is critical for your website to work well. It involves more than just demographics; it’s about understanding the challenges they face, the questions they need answered, and the transformation they go on. This understanding allows you to tailor your website’s content and design – using the Storybrand Marketing Framework – to align it perfectly with the needs and expectations of your ideal customers.A website tailored to your customers isn’t just seen; it’s felt. It resonates on a personal level, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

Speaking to Your Audience and Google

The heart of a successful website lies in the words used to create it. They should not only appeal to your target client but also to Google, ensuring your site ranks well and is easily found.

This involves a balance of keyword-rich copy that appeals to search engines, and engaging, informative content that addresses your customer’s needs and questions. By doing this, you ensure your site serves as a comprehensive resource for both your customers and search algorithms.

Bringing Your Site to Life

The goal of your website is to provide so much value that your visitors stay on your website longer, learn all they can about your business, and then reach out to start working with you.

From easy-to-navigate layouts to compelling calls to action, to the words you use, every element should encourage visitors to explore, learn, and, ultimately, buy. Think of your website as a space that invites exploration: every click should reveal information relevant to your customers’ needs and interests.

Utilizing easy-to-navigate layouts removes confusion and guides visitors from one section to another, making their journey through your site not just informative, but enjoyable. Incorporating the StoryBrand framework into your website can also impact how well it does this.

The StoryBrand framework prioritizes clear, customer-focused messaging. Ensuring your website’s content speaks directly to your audience’s problems and demonstrates how your business can solve them. By framing your customers as the hero and positioning your business as the guide, you create a website that truly speaks to your potential customers. Prompting visitors to download a guide, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase.

A Website You Can Be Proud Of Using The StoryBrand Framework


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They came to us with an old, outdated website that just didn’t make their business look good. The website was confusing and didn’t connect with potential patients. We worked with them to create captivating StoryBrand content and designed a website that truly works. And they are seeing more success than ever! You can see their beautiful new website at:

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