Local Reviews and SEO

We all know reviews are bank. We count on to encourage others to give us a try. We have trained consumers to shop by reviews. The number one site for reviews is Google My Business. Did you know that Google My Business reviews can affect your SEO ranking?

Because reviews are unbiased opinions Google My Business now factors reviews into their rankings. It’s similar to the way Google rewards businesses for getting backlinks from other websites. Google likes businesses that other people are talking about.

2 Main Ranking Elements

  1. Google likes to see keywords that your are trying to rank for – if you have a laser tag business and someone leaves a review mentioning Laser Tag then your business is more likely to be rewarded.
  2. If someone leaves a review that mentions your location you are also more likely to show up in the ‘Local Pack’  which now by the way shows 3 businesses instead of the 7 it used to show. Local Pack it the box under the map which shows nearby local businesses matching your search term. It’s usually the first thing consumers see when they search.

One more thing about reviews

Reviews earn clicks and clicks generate visibility. The number one factor that people choose a specific business is because of the 5-star rating. 50% of consumers do not choose businesses with a 4-star rating.

The better your reviews the more likely you will be chosen. This will help with a high organic click-through-rate which increases your website traffic and boosts your SEO ranking.

If you’re interested in higher rankings we at Design Interventions are happy to help you get there. We help with organic placement, Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing

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