Creating A StoryBrand Website for Your IT Business

In today’s digital landscape, an IT company’s website design is a crucial aspect of its success. Whether your business focuses on managed IT, co-managed IT, cloud storage, VPN access, Microsoft 365, or a fusion of these, leveraging the StoryBrand framework can help you expand your reach, secure more contracts, and increase your revenue.

At Design Interventions, we assist you in navigating this process and creating a website that speaks directly to your customers.

Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge

A common pitfall for many IT companies is that their websites are confusing. This often arises from the curse of knowledge. While you may be well-versed in the complexities of an internal access structure, your customers likely aren’t. And remember, confusion leads to lost customers.

Your website should center on the problem you solve for your clients. For many IT businesses, the key issue being addressed currently is preventing businesses from falling victim to cyber-attacks. If your website is inundated with IT jargon and doesn’t clearly articulate this, then it misses the point, and you miss out on potential customers.

The Power of StoryBrand in IT Website Design

By utilizing the StoryBrand framework in designing your website, you ensure your website communicates effectively with customers, focusing on the problems your company can solve.A StoryBrand website isn’t just a repository of information; it’s a platform and knowledge center that tells a compelling story about how your services can transform a customer’s situation. You also want to educate and provide resources to help your clients in a way that is simple and efficient.

Moving Beyond the Generic Message

Another significant sore spot for many IT websites is – they just have a generic message. You’ll often find statements like “We answer the phone and are based in America” as the main selling point. While these are excellent benefits of collaborating with your company, they aren’t enough to distinguish you from the competition.

Clearly communicating the key points that really make your company stand out from your competition is critical. 

Transforming Your IT Website with the StoryBrand Framework

The StoryBrand Framework’s power lies in its ability to transform your IT website from a mere page on the internet into a powerful customer engagement and conversion tool. By emphasizing a clear, customer-focused story, you’re not just presenting your services, but effectively demonstrating the positive impact your services can make in your customers’ lives.

In the often complex and jargon-heavy IT industry, having a website that prioritizes the customer’s point of view can make a significant difference, enabling your business to connect with potential customers on a more relatable level and increasing their chances of engaging with your brand.

Transitioning from merely describing your services to actively demonstrating their benefits is another pivotal shift the StoryBrand Framework enables. Your website becomes a platform for showcasing how your IT services solve specific problems for businesses. 

For example, instead of just stating that you offer managed IT services, you illustrate how these services free up resources, increase uptime and enhance the overall operational efficiency of your customers’ businesses.



This approach really highlights the value you provide and gives context to the services you offer, allowing potential customers to see how your services would make their lives betterFinally, the StoryBrand Framework speaks to the importance of testimonials and case studies in demonstrating the real-world impact of your services. By highlighting successful collaborations with clients, you can provide proof of the value your IT services offer. These success stories not only help to build trust with potential clients but also further solidify your position as a guide and problem-solver in the IT industry.



Final Thoughts

A well-crafted StoryBrand website can revolutionize your IT company’s online presence.

It simplifies complex information, centers your narrative around your customer’s needs, and positions your brand as a unique solution in a crowded market.

If you are ready to transform your IT company’s website into a customer magnet, then let’s talk. Book a meeting with us today.


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