4 basic keys to make your website a sales machine

You want your website to be a sales machine. You can follow trends, there are tons of new trends in website design. One of the latest is Variable Fonts. These fonts move and grow. They’re really cool. They may even get a glance from a site visitor but probably won’t convert them to a sale.

The key things to make your site sell are:

  1. Solve your customers’ problems. If you have a plumbing company, your customer may have a need to have you fix a leak but their concerns run deeper than that. They may be concerned about the person who will be coming to their home, they may want to know that you’ll be on time, they may really be concerned about costs. These are the issues your site should be addressing. If you have a guarantee to back up your work. This will give them peace of mind to buy from you. It doesn’t have to be said in the text it can be a well placed photo or video.
  2. Use all your communication skills. When we communicate people get 7% from our words, 38% from our voice and 55% from our body language. Let them see your body language use a video on your website.
  3. Add videos to your website. Videos get your visitors attention, shoppers have a greater tendency to look at them. Videos can easily explain your product, service, demo or they’re great to use as reviews. People look at videos and if done correctly – if the video solves the shoppers frustrations, fears and concerns – the shopper will buy.
  4. Animations are a great way to explain a process or service also. They can go into detail about a process so the shopper doesn’t have to read tons of text. If done correctly – the animation can also solve your shoppers frustrations, fears and concerns.

These are some basic things you can do to or add to your website to make it more successful as the sales tool it is. If you’d like a free evaluation of your website give us a call: 910 200-3367

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