8 ways to make a cabinet company website successful

Quite often people who own custom cabinet shops assume potential customers are looking at your website to see what you can do for them. While this is true, they may only be looking at the site to find your phone number or location. Or, they may want to see your work so they can see if you’re a good fit for their style.

  • The first key element of a successful website is that your contact information is easy to see and access when you pull up the site. (This article takes for granted the general basics of a good website – that your website is able to be seen on all devices, all of he links are working, you have an SSL certificate (encryption) and that you’re following Google’s best practices to be found.)
  • The second element necessary for a cabinet company website is a beautiful photo gallery. Cabinet Company Website Photo GalleryThe gallery should show all of your different styles. You want to make sure your shoppers know your array of designs and you should keep the gallery updated.
  • The third thing you need is the call to action. You must know the purpose of your site. Is it to get your customers to call or email? Is it to have them call for an estimate or to book an appointment? Whatever the reason for having the website in the first place – should be very evident on the website. There can be multiple calls to action on a page. Phone numbers with the words ‘call now’ can be on the same page as a form to ‘sign up for future discounts’ and then there can also be a ‘request a quote’ form – all on one page. In this case, you make it easy for your customer to call you, set up an appointment at their convenience and you have the ability to glean their contact information for future contact.
  • Fourth the site must be written to solve your customer’s problems. It must reinforce the fact that your product or service will take care of the issues or problems they are having whether it be their kitchen is out of date, they had a flood in the bathroom or they bought a home with an outdated kitchen design. But most importantly here – the site must solve the most common thingsCabinet Company website process that bother your customers – stating your process to show that your guys show up on time and don’t make your customers wait all day, stating any guarantees or rebates you offer, stating that you call when you’re on the way so they know to be ready.
  • If you sell brands, you want to be sure to show your brands to set your customers at ease that they will be getting reliable products. You can do this with text or even better use the logos.
  • The sixth important thing in a cabinet company website is testimonials or reviews. We’ve trained people to shop by reviews. People looking for your services will be reinforced by reviews from happy existing customers.
  • We at Design Interventions like to use photos taken by our photographers to show your actual work. Little things that we like to include in the photos are any way your guys go above and beyond like taking their shoes off when they come in your home. We also like to have images of your actual workers to instill trust in your people – especially if they’re going into someone’s home. We also like to have the images show your target desired place to work – whether it’s an upscale home or high rise office building – what’s in the background of the image will let your customer know who you cater to.
  • Finally, we also like to use the website to solve your staff’s problems. If there are repetitive questions your receptionist has to answer all day – like where are you located? What are your hours? Those answers should be very easy to access on the website – like on the bottom of each page – so that shoppers easily find the answers.


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