5 Things Necessary in a Successful Restaurant Website

Make your Restaurant Website a success

When hungry people are looking for a place to eat they pull out their phones to help make the decision. To make sure your restaurant is the one they choose there are a few things you must have in your website to make them choose you.

  1. Make sure your menu is up to date with complete descriptions. People choose what they’re going to eat before they even go into your restaurant. Make it easy for them to make that choice. Make sure the offerings are current and up to date. You don’t want them dreaming of lasagna and have them be disappointed to find out you don’t serve that anymore.
  2. Make sure your phone number is easy to find and make sure your customers can press to call. Sometimes people are looking at your website just to get your phone number. Make it easy for them to see it and call you.
  3. You must have awesome images of your food. It will not do to have images taken by cellphones. Your customers are used to taking and seeing photos of food online. Your pictures must stand out.
  4. Make sure your hours of operation are easy to see. Your customers want to know if you’re open for business. You don’t want them showing up for lunch to find out you only serve dinner. This will disappoint them and the next time they may automatically cross you off the list of places to choose.
  5. Make sure you hire a professional to design your website. A amateur, homemade or sloppy design will turn customers away.

Here are some interesting stats on people who look at online menus before they dine out:
(source Open Table)

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