How do I get started with an e-commerce business?

What’s a great problem to have? Owning a booming e-commerce business and keeping up with demand. Getting started is the hard part though.

But just like starting an exercise routine, once you get going with e-commerce, momentum helps propel you. There are steps to consider like choosing a product/service to sell and picking solid tactics to market your business.

But for now, let’s simplify things. You may already know what you wish to sell. Fabulous!

Now you need an easy way for eager shoppers to buy from you. The Sears Catalog is old news I’m afraid! So you need a modern website to handle sales.

WooCommerce is a terrific way to get your online shop up and running in a flash. This powerful platform offers:

  • Custom designs and eye-catching templates.
  • Plugs right into your existing WordPress website.
  • Simple payment system.
  • Modern marketing using timeless options like coupons and rewards points.
  • Shipping right from the WooCommerce dashboard.

Flexibility is Key

When you launch your e-commerce business you must stay flexible. Things move super fast on the web. So being able to adapt to change helps you stay ahead of your competition.

WooCommerce is known for its world-class adaptability. The platform makes it easy to sell everything from yoga instruction to luxury cars to civilization escapes (don’t look☺). As your e-commerce business grows you can add extensions to help with:

  • Bulk shipping.
  • Better web traffic analytics.
  • Referral programs.
  • Subscription add-ons.

I could go on about the options because every business is different. And WooCommerce has adapted daily to different business trends since they launched 12 years ago.

First Steps

The biggest roadblock to starting something new is… fear. That’s easy to overcome when it comes to launching your e-commerce business. It’s not like you have to build a new store on Mainstreet or rent an overpriced warehouse.

All you need is access to inventory, a POS company, and a website design company. Once your online shop is booming you’ll find there are challenges that come with success. But for now, just begin where you are.

FYI… You’re not on your own. I’m always ready to help set up a fresh e-commerce website. Just remember me when you hit the big-time with your burrito blankets or custom jewelry.

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