Top 4 red flags when hiring a website designer

When you’re ready to grow your business, a good starting point is to update or create your website. You need to make sure you pick the website design company that will help you grow. There are many website designers out there and there’s a huge difference in price, quality, attitude and outcome.

Fact of the matter is you can find a kid with a computer science degree to do a very cheap website. Hire him and you’ll have a website – you won’t have a website that will do you any good. A good website needs to be a sales tool. The elements of the site need to mimic the elements of your sales call. Here are ____ red flags to be on the lookout for when shopping for a website:

  1. A website designer should ask how you solve your customers’ problems. As you are searching for designers, pay attention to the questions they ask you. Are they asking for a list of products or services or are they really listening to how you solve your customers’ problems. People shopping for you want their problems to be solved. Although they’re interested in your products, looking at a list of your products will not convert them to buyers.
  2. Other things a website designer should be asking you. Are they asking you about your demographics, your target audience, your competition and what makes you better? These are things they need to know to design a website that converts. To design effectively, they need to know exactly who they are telling your story to, how they are making you the hero, how you do your job better than your competitor and why you top your competition.
  3. Does the website designer speak in terms you understand? Often website designers have a technical background. Because of that, they speak in tech jargon, they use terms you might not be familiar with or abbreviations that you have to figure out like SEO or CMS. If you don’t understand them when they’re on a sales call how will you be able to communicate during your long term partnership. These guys are going to be a part of your business for the long haul, you should be looking for a designer who you understand and who you’re comfortable with.
  4. Does the website company try to sell you products before they ask you questions? Some design companies approach you assuming they know exactly what you need even before they ask you any questions to find your needs. They may have current software, designs, or other tools that they are encouraged to push, but those elements aren’t the only parts of a successful website. These elements of the website should not even be mentioned until all questions about you are answered.

These are just a few red flags when shopping for a website designer. If you want to talk to real people with your best interest at heart, give Design Interventions a call 910 200-3367

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