10 Reasons you should plan for a New Website Design

Things can change in an instant. And there’s honestly never been a truer statement about web design heading into 2020. Not only is technology moving this quickly, but your customers expect your website to do the same. Even if you’re site is just a few years old, we can think of 10 good reasons it’s time for a new website design.

Your digital presence plays a big role in how potential customers learn about you.
A website that’s hard to navigate, full of inconsistencies, or is just plain outdated won’t build a lot of confidence in possible buyers.

In order to convert leads to customers, you must offer a consistent consumer experience across all digital channels.

1. Increase our site speed

While we’re on the subject of speed, do you know how long it takes for your website to load? A quick site should only take 2-5 seconds to load. Beyond that and you’ll see your bounce rate skyrocket.

What can cause a longer load time? Anything from large images, extensive URL redirects, absence of cached resources, or even slow servers can be to blame. A website redesign can eliminate these issues to increase website speed.

2. Make sure the website works on the phone

If you’re not mobile-first, your last. Just over 50% of all website traffic worldwide came from mobile devices in the third quarter of 2019. Yet many businesses still don’t recognize the importance of optimizing their websites for phones.

A new website design will be responsive to smaller screens. This means the site resizes itself depending on if the visitor comes from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This creates a better user experience and encourages users to stay on your site longer.

3. Convert your visitors to customers

To get someone to act when they’re on your website – whether to buy something, sign up for an offer, click to a product or article – you have to tell them to do it. Your site should contain what we call, Calls to Action, they are words that inform your visitors what to do, like: buy now, or continue reading or subscribe, contact.

Make sure you send encourage your site visitors to act.

4. You’ve rebranded

A new brand isn’t just a new look and feel for your company. It affects any place you are represented online – especially your website.

During the rebranding process, a new website design should be one of the first things you tackle, especially because your website speaks the strongest about what you represent as a company. An outdated site with mismatched branding does not create strong loyalty with your customers.

5. Make sure you can update your own website

Remember what we said about things changing in an instant? That’s about how long it should take to update the content on your website, too. Gone are the days of needing to understand code to make simple updates to web pages.

If you have to endure a lengthy and complicated process to change simple details on your site, it’s time for something new. A good content management system puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to adding, editing, or deleting content from your website.

6. You can’t be found on Google

Help! Is your SEO is more like SOS? “My site isn’t ranking on Google and I don’t know what to do!” If this sounds like something you’ve said recently, then a redesign will help.

Overhauling your website’s content with search engine optimization in mind can help more people find your site in online search results. Even if your website has a great design and loads quickly, it’s a wasted effort if no one can find it.

7. Your site is inconsistent

Have you been getting by with minor updates here and there? Do you hire out small website projects that serve as Band-Aids to a bigger problem? The real problem is that you’ve been creating small inconsistencies that really add up.

By having different people work on your site over an extended period of time, things like page formatting, colors, fonts, and other branding elements no longer match. Starting fresh with a new website design can cure these inconsistencies.

8. Your site isn’t secure

It became clear in 2019 that websites need an SSL to be secure. HTTPS sites are more common and they’re the best option for preventing all kinds of hacks and attacks. We’ve seen some of the largest companies fall victim to data breaches in recent years, so it can happen to anyone. Your customers will definitely appreciate the extra security measures.

9. You’ve grown

Let’s be honest, the economy has been pretty good as of late. It’s likely that over the last five years or so your company has grown. In times like these, your website can experience growing pains.

Perhaps you’ve added new services or you need to support increased e-commerce activity. Whatever it is, your website should support what you’re doing as a business and help you continue to grow, not hinder it.

10. You just need a new look

Sometimes you just have to face the music. Your website works. It serves a purpose. But it’s just plain ugly. A number of things we’ve covered in this article can cause your site not to be its sleekest self.

You might not think it’s a big deal, but it’s costing you customers that take one look at your site and hit the back button. People want to engage with something that makes them feel good. Does your site do that?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to website redesign. That’s why it’s best to work with an agency that can help you identify areas of improvement and work alongside you to make them better.

To avoid running into any of these problems, the team at Design Interventions can help you create a beautiful site that attracts people and converts them into customers. Contact us today to talk about the reason you need a website redesign.

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