web design

January 10, 2020

Things can change in an instant. And there’s honestly never been a truer statement about web design heading into 2020. Not only is technology moving this quickly, but your customers expect your website to do the same. Even if you’re site is...

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mobile websites
July 13, 2018

Mobile browsing has officially surpassed desktop! That statement is by no means news to anyone. Who doesn’t pick up their phone when then need something? We all thumb shop instead of sitting at a desk at a PC or Mac. As website...

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February 1, 2016

6 Ways to Make Your Business Website More EngagingIs your website being a good employee? An engaging website can be like a good salesperson – it will highlight your company’s best points and provide all the answers to any questions your potential customers or clients may have. Check out these six ways to make sure your website is encouraging visitors to interact with your business and leaving them wanting more.

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September 29, 2015

Web Design Features to AvoidCould your website be turning away potential customers or clients for your business? Some features may seem like a good way to get your visitors’ attention, but in truth it might not always be the sort of attention you want. The following is a list of some of the top web design to features to avoid, and what you can use instead as a design-friendly alternative.

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August 17, 2015

How to Partner With Your Web DesignerA professional web designer can offer insight and expertise that you might miss out on if you try to build a website yourself. Many people approach web designers with one thing in mind: “I want a website.” Expect your request to be answered with a list of questions, because the first step to website design is the planning phase that will help you and your designer find common ground and develop a plan for your site. There are plenty of things you can research and consider before contacting a web designer that will save time and help to give the designer a clear idea of your vision.

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July 29, 2015

technology-791034_1280In today’s digital world, having a professional website for your business is more important than ever. An effective website can attract more customers, much like the right employee can increase your sales. What does your current website say about your business? Think of your site as a second store front—potential customers are getting an important first impression of your business based on what they see. Is your website pulling its weight, or turning away business? Ask yourself these essential questions:

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