Camera movement

13 Apr Camera movement

While you are learning about the ins and outs of zoom meetings. You should also be learning about the dos and don’ts of what goes on in a meeting. One of the things we are going to talk about is camera movement. When you are in a meeting face to face with somebody, if you want to go get a cup of coffee. There’s a subtle signal that you give, it can be “I’m going to get some more coffee, do you want any?” Or maybe the coffee pot is over at the table on the other side of the room and it’s obvious that you are going to get a refill. When you are in a zoom meeting people don’t know what’s going on. If you all of the sudden pick up your camera and start walking with it because you’re going into the other room to refill your cup of coffee or whatever you’re doing, that they see this out of the corner of their eye and they are like “what in the world is going on?”. Sometimes they’ll start chatting with each other and say, you know, “where’s he taking us?”, “what’s going on?”. Totally distracting people from the reason you’re together, which is to have your meeting. So what you want to do, if you need to, if you have to go get a cup of coffee is, turn your mic off, turn your video off, then go get your coffee and come back and turn the video back on. If it’s appropriate go ahead and turn your mic back on. If you have any questions or tips and you want me to share them, you can call or text, 910-200-3367, or email me at, and we’re always at #Zoominterventions.